Health & Safety

We don’t cut corners when it comes to traffic management requirements, our own health and safety standards and Site Safe requirements. We are happy to deal with resource consents, as required. The team works with engineers on large-scale projects to ensure compliance, safety and inspection sign off.

We are looking forward to a safe working relationship with your company, please complete your details and then work through the Health and Safety Induction below.

You will need to read through each section and tick the agree as confirmation you have read that section and then agree to the entire form to complete our Contractors Health and Safety Induction, thank you.

Safe Work Environment

  • Our commitment is to provide a safe and healthy work place
  • Ask if you need assistance or report any problems

Key Health and Safety People

  • Keith Cooper – Managing Director
  • John Cooper – Chairman of the Board, Director
  • Iain Mackay – Director
  • Mark Tyrrell – Director

Health & Safety

The Contract Manager will:

  • Implement the Health & Safety System
  • Undertake site inspections
  • Lead the Accident Investigation team
  • Act as Emergency Coordinator
  • Manage Contractor Compliance

Hazard Management

  • May have a hazard notice board
  • Regular site inspections/daily toolbox prestart meetings
  • Use the correct personal protective equipment
  • Do not operate any equipment unless authorised to do so
  • Report new hazards to Contract Manager
  • All hazardous substances used on site will have an up to date SDS available onsite at all times

Our Hazards

  • We will tell you about any known hazards and risks in the area you are working in
  • We will advise you of the control measures


  • Our expectation is that all contractors' staff are competent to do the work safely
  • All contractors hold a current Site Safe Building/Construction Passport (BCP) or equivalent
  • Anyone not fully trained must be supervised
  • All contractors completing electrical work must produce a current practicing license, or an apprentices trainee limited licence

Accident / Incident Reporting

  • Contractors must report all near hits/incidents and accidents to Contract Manager immediately
  • Advise WorkSafe of accident/death as per their schedule of notification requirements immediately
  • The contractor is to undertake an accident investigation for all near hits, incidents and accidents
  • The Contract Manager may undertake an accident investigation as well
  • Forms are available from the Contract Manager

Emergency Management - Fire

In the event of a fire:

  • Activate the alarm and dial 111
  • Alert people in your area
  • Do not extinguish the fire unless there is no personal danger to you or anyone else
  • If time permits and there is no danger, close all doors and windows
  • Evacuate to the designated assembly point

Emergency Management - Earthquake

In an earthquake - inside:

  • Keep calm
  • Move away from windows, equipment and shelves that may fall
  • Take cover under solid furniture such as tables and desks or brace yourself under a door way

In an earthquake - In an Open Area:

  • Keep calm
  • Move to an open space away from buildings, walls, power lines or trees
  • Take cover by lying down or crouching low to the ground

Unsafe Behaviour of Other Contractors

Any hazardous situations/conditions created by others where the safety of workers is threatened then:

  • Do not allow work to continue if conditions are unsafe
  • Report this to the Contract Manager immediately

Unsafe Behaviour of Your Sub/Contractors

Undertaken by the Contract Manager:

  • Assess your safe work practices, equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Records kept and this may influence future work

Work at Height

If bringing your own mobile scaffold/EWP on site:

  • It must be in a safe condition and fit for purpose
  • Staff must be trained to erect and use it
  • There must be safety devices in place to prevent a fall
  • Safety plans must be submitted to the Contract Manager demonstrating how work will be undertaken in a safe way – Task Analysis/SWMS
  • Worksafe NZ will be advised of any notifiable works as required

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Contractors must supply their staff with appropriate safety gear and ensure that it is being used correctly


  • Ensure your work area is left tidy
  • Do not leave material for people to trip over
  • If using hazardous substances, please clean up spillages or contain immediately to ensure that they do not access drains or waterways – report to Contract Manager immediately



To demonstrate you have read and understood Miller Studios Health and Safety expectations while on one of our sites please answer the following questions. When you have answered them all correctly please press the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the questionnaire to send the entire form to us. Thank you.

You are required to sign into a Miller Creative Group construction site and receive/review an induction briefing
True   False
In the event of an emergency I should only stop work when advised
True   False
You are responsible for all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
True   False
I should continue to work regardless of an unsafe environment or others working in an unsafe manner around me
True   False
In addition to the Contract Manager, the Contractor involved must also report notifiable incidents/events to Work Safe NZ
True   False