Spatial Design

You need to stand apart from the competition in a world looking for inspiration and innovation. 

Design Process

All of our clients have different needs. Regardless of your experience, the project size or scope, we always start at the same point - Your vision and your specific wants and needs. And we stay with you on the journey to completion.

The Brief

Each project and client is different so a detailed brief is essential to gather information to get things started, gaining a clear direction of the scope of the project, budget, spatial requirements, look and feel, and the functionality of the required design.

Creative Concept

This is where things get exciting, each project is unique using a set of key design principles, colour palette and finishes of work. Our designs are recognisable and unique

Developmental Stage

This is when concepts are refined with mood boards and any technical drawings, check lists and time frames are allocated, design products chosen

Project Sign Off

Final meeting to sign off the agreed proposal, budgets are set, now the project co-ordination is handed over to a team member. Our Interior design team will follow your journey checking the overall look is just what you wanted

Why Use Us?

Miller Creative Group’s work is known for its high quality build and finish. We can provide a complete service – design, manufacture and installation – or just the parts you require.

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Inspiring spaces to be created

Commercial Interior Design

Working closely together, you will be in the forefront of our minds at all times, creating designs that suit your needs, through strong communication from inception to completion because we want you to feel as much a part of the interior’s creation as we are.

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Graphic Design

When you are looking for graphical design to attract or inspire your customers our designers have the imagination, originality and experience to do just that.

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